My life has been enriched since challenging my SOPO

It tells the personal account of a person whose criminal history stemmed from a string of incidents that caused him to petition to have his SOPO cancelled.  He was convicted of a downloading offence for which he received both an indeterminate SOPO and a community sentence. He attempted to reconstruct his life in the years that followed his sentence, but he was up against a lot of obstacles. Due to these difficulties, he made the decision to petition to have his SOPO cancelled and eventually was successful. Overall, he shows how SOPOs might be overreacting, overly emotional, and challenged, but giving up should never be an option.

2009 The difficulties in understanding the role of sexual abuse towards children in depth interviews with perpetrators

When it comes to sexual assault on minors, there is essentially no theoretical framework for understanding sexuality and eroticism. Several ideas contend that sexual abuse is primarily driven by aggressiveness rather than sexual desire. This study is based on in-depth interviews with twenty-nine child sexual abusers, and it is believed that a deeper comprehension of the dynamics behind child sexual abuse would lead to more effective treatment approaches with the aim of lowering the likelihood of new perpetrators.

The experiences of non-offending partners of individuals who have committed sexual offences.

The consequences for people who have non-offending partners are at the forefront (NOPS). Since NOPS have received so much attention, their support requirements for lowering sexual offences have gone unmet, which has increased sadness, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder rates. (Green, et al., 1995; Kim, et al., 2007). Overall, individuals with non-offending partners and the partners involved needs help.

2007 A group model for the treatment of problematic internet related sexual behavior.

It focuses on some online viewpoints like internet-related conduct is frequently reported by men who are seeking therapy for sexual compulsivity, impulsivity, or hyper sexuality. This article assists in highlighting and changing the part played by the internet in the emergence and maintenance of dysfunctional sexual functioning. Some people use the internet as their main outlet for problematic conduct, while others use it as one of several.

Sleep problems

It helps in recognizing when someone is experiencing sleep problems and understanding what sleep problems is and what causes them and how to manage or overcome them. After identifying some causes of sleep problems like life events, physical issues, some strategies like feeling relaxed, both physically and mentally were discovered to overcome sleep problems.


It identified disturbed sleep, nausea, poor communication, tiredness, light headed as some symptoms of stress. It went further to say biological reason like high concentration of ‘cortisol’, and life events like health problems, family turmoil causes stress. Finally, it deduced some strategies like feeling more relaxed both physically and mentally to help overcome stress.


Discussed stomach churning, concentration difficulties, rapid and slower breathe as some symptoms of anxiety. It also emphasized on some causes of anxiety and deduced some strategies for reducing anxiety like understanding anxiety, reducing time spent on worrying, relaxation and exercise.

Shyness and social anxiety

It helps in recognizing whether one may be experiencing symptoms of social anxiety like sweating, blushing, rapid heart-beat, butterflies in the stomach. Finally, reducing the tendency of focusing on oneself during social interacting, challenging unhelpful thoughts and see things in a more realistic light can help overcome social anxiety.