Juliet Grayson

Juliet Grayson is a consultant in the field of sexual offending,  having spent over a decade working closely with sexual offenders, speaking to the media about her work in order to help bring about a shift in public perception, lobbying, networking, and reaching out.  Her aim was to spread the message that the best way to prevent child abuse is to prevent the FIRST crime, by offering therapy across the UK to anyone who feels at risk of committing a sexual offence.  She has put her heart and soul into co-founding, building and developing StopSO: The Specialist Treatment Organisation for Perpetrators and Survivors of Sexual Offences. She was Chair of StopSO from 2012 – 2019 (September).  When she left StopSO, they had over 200 therapists who had been trained or were in training, and had received over 4,000 requests for help from perpetrators and potential perpetrators.

Juliet offers one-to-one therapy to people who feel at risk of committing a sexual offence, and groups using the Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy (click here to download a chapter about her work with sexual offenders using PBSP  and here for 15 minutes film showing PBSP with someone who has is a member of the general public and is not a sexual offender)

Juliet Grayson qualified in 1994 as a psychosexual therapist, she specialises in offering therapy for relationship problems, standard sexual issues (e.g. erectile dysfunction and lack of desire), people who struggle with sexually inappropriate behaviour including acting illegally,  and people who are terminally ill.   She is an accredited PBSP trainer (one of only three in the UK), PBSP supervisor and therapist. As well as working with people who have been sexually abused, she works with those at risk of sexual offending or re-offending.  She prioritises people who are struggling with sexually inappropriate behaviour.  Her aim is to prevent more victims being created. She is UKCP registered with two bodies being accredited by   National Council Of Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP) and also the Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and counselling Associated (NLPtCA). She is a recognised supervisor both for NCIP and NLPtCA.

Here is an article written about Juliet’s work: called “The Therapist Who Treats Paedophiles and the Compassion That She Feels”  click here

Juliet feels that rather than treating people who have sexually inappropriate behaviour as ‘the lowest of the low’, we should be offering therapy to help them reduce and stop their ‘acting out’.  Her experience of working with a variety of people, who have struggled with a wide range of different types of sexual offending behaviour, convinces her that therapy can really make a huge difference to their behaviour.  Whilst she works with victims of sexual abuse, she thinks it is important for therapists to be willing to ‘go upstream’ and work with the perpetrators, so that new victims are not created.  By dealing with the root causes we can, in many cases, stop the cycle of abuse. As a society we have a choice.  We can demonise the offenders, which makes it very hard for them to come forward and ask for help.  Or we can let perpetrators know that they will be met with a non-judgemental atmosphere, and given the support to help them change their behaviour, so that they feel safe enough to acknowledge what has happened, and the consequences of that. Rather than endlessly picking up the pieces after abuse has happened, she would rather work with perpetrators to prevent it in the first place.

She is a co-founder of StopSO: The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending www.stopso.org.uk  StopSO acts as an agency, having set up a UK wide network of therapists who are trained and willing to work with any sexual offender (and those who are concerned about offending too, but have not yet acted out), who is motivated to change their behaviour. StopSO also offers support to the unacknowledged victims, the families of sexual offenders.

Juliet is based in South Wales, and is happy to take referrals from paedophiles, non offending paedophiles, minor attracted people (MAP’s), exhibitionists, voyeurs, contact offenders, etc.