StopSO: The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending


Where to go for help if you have sexually inappropriate thoughts

StopSo: Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending

StopSO UK is a not for profit organisation that is working to stop sexual offending through therapy.
Set up by Juliet Grayson and a team of colleagues, StopSO has created a nationwide network of psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors. These people are trained to work with anyone who is worried about their sexual behaviour, who feels that they may be at risk of committing a sexual offence, or re-offending. This may include: voyeurism, exhibitionism, looking at illegal images (e.g. bestiality or child abuse images), and contact offending with adults or children, etc. StopSO also offers therapy for the families of those who have committed a sexual offence.

Providing this service is seen as a safeguarding issue to protect all members of society from the devastating consequences of sexual offending. All the clients contacting StopSO are motivated, and asking for help to stop their inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Of the clients contacting StopSO between June 2013 and December 2015: 83% are self-referred, and 34% have not yet come to the attention of the police or social services. Many of these are non-offending paedophiles, who have never broken the law. They have never looked at child abuse images, nor acted on their urges in any other way. They are motivated, and asking for help. By providing this help, in the community, StopSO is not only reducing sexual re-offending, but is also helping to stop the first sexual offence.

StopSO provides specialist training workshops all over the UK, so that counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and other professionals can gain the necessary skills to work with this client group. StopSO also provides: safeguarding training to schools and agencies, support to employers who have had to deal with the aftermath of an employee being arrested for a sexual offence, an online support group for the families of sexual offenders, specialist supervision for any therapist who is working with this client group, and an online support group for professionals working in this field.

There is an anonymous research questionnaire on the StopSO website. Please ask anyone struggling with inappropriate sexual behaviour to fill it in.

Therapists can apply to join the StopSO register: see the criteria on the website

Clients can access this private sector service via the website, email, or telephone.

Our aim is to prevent damage and protect society    Telephone:07473 299883    email: