Slippery Slope Workshops: Using PBSP


Are you worried by your sexual fantasies?

Are you ashamed of some of your sexual behaviour?

Are you frightened of hurting those you love?

Are you on a Slippery Slope?

A participant attending this workshop in 2018 said, “I felt as if I had found a space where magic happens, and lives are transformed, and a peace beyond words begins to unfold. “

This is a workshop for people who want to address their sexual behaviour, or who have made mistakes in their sexual behaviour, or are at risk of sexually offending, and who want to stop, and are ready for change.  The method used is Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor. The workshop is held in South Wales, for one day every three months.  It is deep personal development work, designed to address the underlying issues that might be contributing to the inappropriate sexual behaviour.

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Confidential Questionnaire

I have designed a form to collect information about the need to offer help to people who are struggling with sexually inappropriate behaviours. It takes 5-8 minutes to fill it in. Please do fill it in if you are struggling, have sexually inappropriate behaviour, feel you are at risk of – or actually have committed a sexual offence.Thank you.

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It is so difficult to find help

This is what people who are struggling with inappropriate sexual acting say to me, over and over again. “It is so difficult to find the right kind of help, in the community.” People have even told me that they were glad they got caught, because it meant that they would finally get some help to stop.

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Many of us have times when our sexual behaviour isn’t all we would want it to be, but we find it difficult, maybe impossible, to find people and places where we can address it sensibly and safely. Your ‘slippery slope’ may make you want to act out sexually, behave inappropriately, or have unwanted sexual thoughts. Maybe there are things you can’t talk about? Maybe you are struggling with love, intimacy, or appropriate feelings for your family members? Maybe you are afraid of damaging those closest to you? Maybe loneliness is a problem for you, one that you fear might cause you to take inappropriate action? This ‘Slippery Slope’ one day workshop is for those who want to make changes. During these four days (spread out over a year) Juliet will lead client sessions (known as structures) using Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor to work on the underlying issues that may have led to sexual acting out and offending behaviour.

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A Chapter on How Juliet Grayson uses PBSP with a sex offender

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