Tackling child sexual abuse (4/5): Therapists wanted!

In the fourth in a series of five blogs, Juliet Grayson discussed the StopSO method and provided advice for those who want to apply it. The main focus of StopSO UK’s work with sexual offenders and many of their families is “Stopping the First Offence.” Additionally, it was stressed how crucial it is for therapists to be ready in order to respond appropriately when someone confides in them about having troubling sexual thoughts. This will help prevent clients from hastily terminating their sessions after noticing a shocked look on the therapist’s face, a therapist who stutters, or some other “judgemental” reaction. Clients frequently tell StopSO that they withdrew after they witnessed a therapist reacting in this way that they didn’t approve. Their courage to seek assistance from a different therapist took years to acquire.