Tackling child sexual abuse (3/5): Harmful sexual behavior in children

Juliet Grayson addresses the challenging problems facing children who commit a sexual offence in the third of five blogs. There is an abuser for every victimized child. It is possible for the abuser to be a kid. During the curious years of childhood, it is crucial to think about what constitutes hazardous sexual activity and to evaluate the warning signs that may point to the need for professional assistance. HSB is a dual notion that can be both detrimental to the child perpetrator and hurtful to the victim. HSBs are typically recognized as behaviors or conversations that are inappropriate for the person’s age or developmental stage and may involve one child dominating the other due to superior intelligence or physical prowess. What does this mean for an adult then? figuring out what is good and what is not, and acting quickly, such as seeking early treatment, because children are the future’s adults, and it is our duty to give them effective therapeutic support to prevent them from turning into serial offenders.