Tackling child sexual abuse (1/5): Paedosexuality

The focus of this article is one of Juliet Grayson’s five blogs. It had a strong concentration on sexual offending and encouraged therapists to engage with client groups to prevent the first offence rather than waiting until a crime is committed. Additionally, the terms “paedophile” and “child molester” are frequently misused, which discourages people from getting help out of fear of being misunderstood. Child molestation is not considered paedophilia; rather, it refers to someone who is attracted to children. On the other hand, not all child abusers are MAPs or paedophiles. The term “paedosexual” might be used to lessen the stigma attached to the term “paedophilia”. Paedosexuality is not a choice; the decision is whether or not to engage in it. So, in order to reduce the sexual abuse of children, a safe place for clients to come for therapy is important.