The psychotherapists: Working with sex offenders

In addition to addressing sex offenders and non-offending paedophiles, this study made therapy recommendations for the aforementioned profiles. Additionally, it was mentioned that certain skills, such as empathy, congruence, the capacity for reflection, mindfulness, and distress tolerance, are essential for therapists. The awareness of criminogenic factors such as abnormal sexual preferences, obsessive sexual behavior, attitudes that support sexual crime, a lack of close adult relationships, an antisocial lifestyle, impulsivity and poor self-control, unstable employment, negative peer associations, substance abuse, and subpar problem-solving skills are also helpful. According to research, addressing these issues can be the most effective strategy to stop reoffending. Most significantly, it emphasized the idea that StopSO is steadfastly committed to providing in-person treatment for anyone who experiences sexual attraction to children but is unsure of how to get help.