2015 Restorative justice, offender rehabilitation and desistance

The conceptual differences between rehabilitation, restorative justice, and desistance conceptions of criminal offender cessation are examined in this essay. The main goal of this discussion is to consider the role and usefulness of a restorative model as a recidivism reduction tool. Over the past twenty years or so, theoretical and empirical study has concentrated on restorative justice, a novel, inclusive approach to dealing with crime. Although the practice side of RJ is progressing significantly, there are still some conceptually ambiguous areas in the way the model(s) are developed. The absence of integration with the field of correctional rehabilitation and, to a lesser extent, desistance theories and research, are persistent issues. The three sets of concepts were linked in this study in a way that upholds the integrity and worth of each viewpoint while also recognizing that each has its own “natural” bounds and application areas