2010 Male victims of male sexual assault; A review of psychological consequences and treatment.

Women’s sexual assault and rape have received a lot of attention from society, in contrast to male sexual assault, which is rarely addressed. By underlining the effects of sexual assault on males as well as the effects of MSA in terms of self-disclosure and psychological repercussions, this essay aims to further the conversation. There were also two main schools of thought that were discussed; the first one claimed that MSA is a sexually motivated crime that primarily involves homosexual men, while the other claimed that MSA is a reflection of issues with power, aggression, and domination and that its perpetrators are typically heterosexual men. MSA has a number of negative effects, including shame, despair, anger, sexual dysfunction, and self-doubt for the victim. Asides the consequences of male sexual assault, this paper extended its research to the effective treatment interventions for the related consequences.