The Paedophile next door (True crime documentary)

This programme addresses how children can be kept safer in today’s society. In order to do this a non-offending paedophile is interviewed, police experts talk and Dr Sarah Goode puts forward the need to understand the issues. It looks back at a time when the ‘Paedophile Information Exchange’ was active and partitioned parliament on age of consent. This enabled a network where abusers in care homes and schools were active. The public protests in the 1990’s when paedophiles were housed in the community are shown and the effect of this driving offenders from where they lived to places unknown to the authorities. Offering help before a paedophile acts out is advocated and the need to listen to these people stressed. Preventative measures around online safety in the home, community support (Circles) and the Prevention project Dunkelfeld are outlined.