Need for more discussion around paedophilia in order to prevent child sex abuse

Virtuous Paedophiles (VP) is introduced and a number of recommendations for addressing situations where a person admits to being attracted to children are given.“I’d say first not to panic, and to remember this is the same person you’ve known all along, with all their complexity and good points. It’s something they didn’t choose and can’t change, and telling you is a big risk they are taking.” Ethan, from VP, thus suggests gently trying to find out if the person is abusing children or thinks they might be in serious danger of doing so as this calls for action to stop it immediately or prevent it from happening. “Calling police is usually not the best first step, as it sets in motion a highly invasive process that can easily make everything worse. Research the laws and procedures in your area before revealing anything.”

It is crucial to have a conversation about paedophilia and the lack of resources and services available to paedophiles in Australia. Increased awareness and understanding of paedophilia is important in order to remove the stigma associated with an indiscriminate mental disorder. A discussion about the inadequacy of services available to paedophiles is absolutely beneficial, especially when it can prevent child sex abuse.