Management and supervision of men convicted of sexual offences

A thematic inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation and HM Inspectorate of Prisons, January 2019 © Crown copyright 2019.

The aim of this joint inspection was to assess the quality of services delivered both in prison and in the community and makes several recommendations. The statistics on number of sexual offenders, in prison and in the community puts into context the degree of work needed. Unfortunately, the report found “insufficient progress has been made since we last reported, on the then probation trusts in 2010” (p4). This report uncovers many shortfalls such as lack of training and support for personnel, lack of understanding of different strategies, poor communication and confusion regarding responsibilities. It also gives examples of good practice. The need for strength-based approaches runs through the report. Findings included a lack of evidence of work to reduce the likelihood of re-offending, both in prison and in the community. The glossary (annex 1) is useful for navigating around the various personnel and bodies involved and indeed the report does educate on who is involved with sexual offenders, their specific roles and how the various bodies should work together. It also includes mention of current treatment programmes and their availability.

The action plan, published April 2020 can be accessed at: