Radio Interviews re StopSO

The ones marked with ** are well worth listening to.

Date: June 5th 2019
Juliet spoke with Iain Dale of LBC  about chemical castration after Alabama have passed a law that sex offenders have to undergo, and pay for, chemical castration as a condition of parole.


**Date: May 1st 2019
At the StopSO 2nd Annual Conference Insights Into Sex Offending, Facing the Reality.  Juliet Grayson, Chair & Co-founder Stopso UK
Here are the links to a series of talks on that day at the 2019 STOPSO Conference:

Chief Constable Simon Bailey, National Police Chiefs Lead on Child Sexual Abuse and Patron of StopSO   


Juliet Grayson,  Chair and Co-founder of StopSO

A Personal Cameo: From a family member of a sex offender

Klaus Beier from the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld in Germany

James Cantor, Neuroscientist and Psychologist

William Ayot Poem and Closing Words from Dana Braithwaite 

Q and A – how can we get the word out about StopSO?

Are StopSO services offered by police?

What more could be done to help the families of perpetrators?

Is there a lower age limit to access StopSO services

Does stopso offer any further help to perpetrators such as support with benefits

Is there supervision available for therapists and professionals

How do you feel about the term pedophile


** Date: April 4th 2019
Juliet with John Wilson at Online Events: Insights into Sex Offending: Facing the Reality

** Date: October 5th 2018
Juliet Grayson on BBC Breakfast TV


** Date July 2018

One hour podcast on Preventing Child Abuse with Juliet Grayson and Danny Whittaker

Preventing Child Abuse

** Date April 2018

Shelagh Fogarty and LBC Radio focused on the issue of child sexual abuse for 4 days.  Sheila interviewed a variety of people on the topic.  Day 1 was an interveiw with Chief Constable Simon Bailey, National Policing Lead for Child Protection Abuse Investigation

Day 2 was with David who is a StopSO client, a former internet offender and an active advocate for progressive change 

Day 3 was with Juliet Grayson, Chair and Co-founder of StopSO

Day 4 was with James Cantor, Psychologist and Neuro-Scientist 

** A StopSO client who contacted James O’Brian on LBC 1st August 2017
James O’Brien labelled this brave call from a man who is attracted to young girls “one of the most important I’ve ever taken”.  As James was discussing whether child sex dolls could stop paedophiles abusing a youngster, John called up with one of the most remarkable stories ever heard on LBC.
He revealed that he is attracted to young girls, but has never acted on it.
John said: “I will look and I will think, but then I will stop because I have a strong set of morals. I have very strong self-control.  It’s ruined my life. I hate myself.  My therapist is concerned that I’m a danger to myself because of my self-hatred.”
“I find your courage quite breathtaking.” than I am

Date: 16th February 2016
Radio Gloucestershire: Juliet Grayson talking: approx 7 minutes.  click here to listen

** Date 15th November 2015
BBC Radio Wales: Eye on Wales: Treating Paedophiles programme includes StopSO and interview with Juliet Grayson. 30 minutes,

Date 14th November 2015
BBC Radio Wales: Good Morning Wales: piece about the issue of child sexual offending, StopSO and the need for more finances: click here to listen. (less than 5 minutes).

Then later the same morning, a live interview with Juliet Grayson click here to listen (7 1/2minutes)


Date 21st July 2015
Juliet Grayson, Chair of StopSO, gives an interview to Radio Ireland – programme Today with Sean O’Rourke about Paedophilia. The definition of paedophilia is a sexual attraction to children under the age of 12. Paedophilia was and is regarded as a psychiatric disorder, but nowadays researchers and psychiatrists distinguish between paedophiles who don’t act on their fantasies and those who do. The latest approaches to treating paedophiles emphasize preventive therapy, encouraging potential offenders to come forward. One of the most innovative is Germany’s Dunkelfeld project. Berlin-based BBC journalist Damien McGuiness joined Keelin Shanley to discuss Dunkelfeld and also joining Keeling was psychotherapist Juliet Grayson, the co-founder of STOPSO, the Specialist Treatment Organisation of the Prevention of Sexual Offending in the UK. 17 minutes


** Date July 18th 2015
Juliet Grayson, Chair of StopSO gives an interview to Radio 4’s programme IPM which includes the issue of the proposed mandatory reporting, suggesting that therapists should be excluded from mandatory reporting, as a child protection issue. She says it is important to ensure that paedophiles and people (e.g. non offending paedophiles) who are concerned about sexual thoughts about children, feel that they can seek counselling to help them manage their urges, so that they avoid acting out. Juliet Grayson states this is a crime prevention issue. ‘If I report too readily the risk is that they’re not going to come to therapy.’ To report or not to report? A listener’s dilemma when counselling paedophiles. Presented by Jennifer Tracey on 18 July 2015 Click 12 minutes


** Date July 13th 2015
A StopSO client who received subsidised therapy was very grateful for the help given. He decided to call Radio 4’s programme PM to talk about the benefits he had gained. They talk about Prevention Project Dunkelfeld, the German initiative for working with Paedophiles 13th July 2015 PM Radio 4.  Length <14 minutes