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Conversion Therapy: Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy 2017, link below. They have done a good job, working hard not be oppressive to both LGBT people and to therapists working with the diversity of sexual issues and to include the practice of people working with cases of sexual attraction to children, so that they are not impeded or mistakenly trapped in over simplistic wording.
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Therapists Letter for Clients: about the Referral, Attendance & Engagement for Courts

Sometimes therapists who work with sexual offenders are sometimes asked by solicitors to write a report about the work that has been done. Here are some notes & guidelines that I have pulled together about how to write a factual letter for such a situation.

An article – for counsellors – about

Client Masturbation During Counselling

Know Your Law Quiz (about sexual offending):

by Juliet Grayson, published in The Psychotherapist, Issue 60, Summer 2015 p13. This accompanies the article above.
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The law about reporting sexual abuse and sexual offences, as it applies to psychotherapists and counsellors.

Law in the UK About Reporting Child Abuse by Juliet Grayson

Getting a DBS Check

Apply for a BASIC DBS check directly to through the government website
N.B. Self-employed people can’t apply for ENHANCED DBS check themselves and need to use a third party.  This is from the government website: If you’re self-employed, an organisation you’re working with can get a standard, enhanced or enhanced with barred lists check for you, where the role is eligible.  Individuals needing an enhanced DBS have to use an umbrella organisation – click here to access the government info on this
Government Recommended Organisations that will help you
These organisations will do it for you and you pay for that service
MAYFLOWER have been used by a few people
One therapist is doing it via
FOR THOSE WHO NEED THIS INFO: Relevant Rehabilitation periods